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Post-Workout Recovery

Sports Drink


  • Helps minimize muscle soreness
  • Optimizes muscle recovery
  • Supports muscle metabolic processes
  • Enhances physical performance and endurance
  • Helps maintain and restore energy supplies during and after physical activity
  • Supplies essential components for muscle repair
  • Contains high-quality protein to support muscle gain
  • Provides antioxidants to help fight free radicals


  • Someone who wants to minimize the soreness experienced after exercising
  • Someone who is looking for better muscle recovery
  • Someone who wants to enhance your current exercise and/or weightlifting program
  • Someone who wants to gain lean muscle mass

Anyone who has ever participated in an exercise and/or workout regimen knows that one of the biggest challenges to overcome is soreness. We work out to push our body to new levels of physical performance, but we can also suffer from sore and aching muscles as a result. The fact is our muscles grow the most after we work out, while they repair torn tissue that makes for greater muscle mass. Therefore, soreness is usually a part of any proper workout program, but it doesn’t have to be.

Many people allow themselves to be overcome by the challenges of their exercise program, including severe soreness after a workout, and achieve limited success in increasing muscle mass. Lifting weights, for example, is already challenging enough, but when your muscles are still sore from a previous workout, it seems nearly impossible to follow through. Therefore, muscle recovery is of key importance in maintaining an effective exercise program. During increased physical activity, the body must be provided with the essential fuels and supporting nutrients to help build tissue, support our muscles during a workout, and assist in speeding and enhancing the muscle recovery process. The faster and more effectively you can recover, the more potential you have for muscle growth. By facilitating the recovery process, the growth of lean muscle mass is supported, and workouts become more effective because the soreness has been limited, leading to increased endurance.

THE SOLUTION: Post-Workout Recovery
Post-Workout Recovery Sports Drink is a great source of more than 30 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that support your muscle’s metabolic processes in recovery, and aids in lessening occasional soreness after workouts. Post-Workout Recovery is the best solution for fighting the aches and pains of working out. These easy-to-make shakes (available in chocolate and vanilla flavors) combine the muscle-supporting nutrition that has been used by hundreds of professional and world-class athletes across the United States. Post-Workout Recovery helps enhance physical performance and endurance while also supplying essential components for muscle repair and gain during and after physical activity. The unique blend of high-quality protein, combined with glucose polymers and other carbohydrates, gives the body energy and structural support. Post-Workout Recovery also contains branched-chain amino acids to support muscle recovery, growth and endurance. Finally, the antioxidants present in this advanced sports drink help the body ward off free radicals that are commonly produced as a result of exercise. Don’t let soreness stop you. Let Post-Workout Recovery help you receive the greatest benefit possible from exercise and workouts.

mass-impactMass Impact™

Multinutrient Amino Acid Supplement


  • Aids in muscle building*
  • Supports muscle performance*
  • Helps increase physical endurance*
  • Informed-Choice Certified
  • Easily usable with other AdvoCare products


  • An athlete looking to improve performance
  • Someone who is aware of the benefits of creatine and wants a product that is safe and banned-substance free
  • Someone seeking additional muscle mass and definition
  • Someone concerned with muscle loss that comes with aging

Many athletes are looking to get more out of their work out, taking their bodies to the next level. They are at a plateau in their performance and are looking to gain additional mass and definition but not at the expense of safety. Many people are also looking to slow the muscle breakdown process that comes with aging.

THE SOLUTION: Mass Impact™
Mass Impact™ is a sports performance product that supports muscle building for performance athletes as well as those looking to prevent muscle breakdown through three ingredients:

Creatine is found naturally in the body, with about 95 percent of it found in skeletal muscle. Large amounts of creatine are lost during intense workouts, so in order to build muscle mass, it is important to replace creatine. Since creatine is primarily obtained through meat sources and it’s inadvisable to consume large quantities of meat at one time, Mass Impact supplies the creatine you need. *+ Mass Impact™ helps maintain ATP levels for cellular energy and to preserve muscle glycogen, which promotes muscle mass, volume and strength.*

This powerful ingredient supports rehydration, energy replenishment and muscle recovery.* Research shows that Sustamine™ supplementation results in improved performance and promotes protein synthesis, inhibiting muscle breakdown and reducing muscle tissue damage.* Sustamine™ also improves water and electrolyte absorption.*

Other Amino Acids
Several other amino acids found in Mass Impact™ help optimize fat cell and muscle tissue communication to promote muscle leanness, activating cell signaling pathways for muscle growth.* They also contribute to muscle repair and strength, and assist in hydration.*

Maximize your results with Mass Impact™.* This light, fresh-tasting powder can easily be combined with other AdvoCare Performance Elite products.

muscle-fuelAdvoCare® Muscle Fuel Pre-Workout Drink

Multinutrient Dietary Supplement


  • Maximizes your workout*
  • Supports multiple muscle metabolic processes*
  • Helps enhance physical performance and endurance*
  • Supports electrolyte balance*
  • Facilitates muscle recovery*


  • Someone who wants to gain the most benefit from your workouts
  • An athlete who wants optimal support for sports performance
  • Someone who wants to further enhance physical performance and endurance
  • Someone who wishes to slow age-related muscle atrophy

While governmental and medical communities recommend more frequent and longer periods of physical activity, many people find that they just don’t have the needed energy to increase, or in some cases even maintain, their activity levels. Peak strength and muscle mass occur between the ages of 20 and 35 years. After age 35, people lose approximately 0.5% per year of muscle mass unless they make a concerted effort to prevent this decline. This loss accelerates after age 60. The consequences of muscle atrophy or loss of muscle capacity include loss of mobility, decreased activities of daily living, and an increased risk of falls, fractures and other age-related mishaps.

As more individuals respond to the growing awareness that increased physical activity builds a foundation for good health that must be maintained throughout a lifetime, they find that they reach plateaus in their workload capacity. Additional challenges arise when those individuals try to select performance products that supply energy and nutrients to the muscles from the many products available on the market today.

Athletes, both professional and casual, seek nutritional support in enhancing their training programs and sports performance. In today’s culture, sports at many levels can be extremely competitive. Athletes are looking for proven solutions that help optimize their workouts but that are also safe and natural.

THE SOLUTION: AdvoCare® Muscle Fuel
AdvoCare® Muscle Fuel drink is a unique, single-product solution that provides a powerful blend of 28 vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other energy-producing intermediates.* The synergistic effect of these nutrients supports multiple muscle metabolic processes as well as helps maintain and restore energy supplies during and after physical activity.* As a  consequence, physical performance and endurance are enhanced.* The AdvoCare Muscle Fuel formula also supplies essential components for muscle gain during and after physical activity.* AdvoCare Muscle Fuel helps reduce oxidative stress, facilitates recovery, maximizes the benefits of training, and helps individuals take their workout capacity to greater levels.* This same great formula also provides nutrients needed to fight muscle atrophy as a function of age.*

Some key points about AdvoCare Muscle Fuel drink are that the ingredients in this product  facilitate and enhance energy production at multiple points in several energy-generating processes such as metabolism of sugars, fats and carbs for energy; energy cycles used at the cellular level by mitochondria, the energy sources or “engines” of the cell; production and utilization of enzymes essential to production; and continued refreshment of energy levels.* It’s all about generating energy for the body’s systems in general, and muscles in particular.* This energy generation occurs in numerous metabolic processes that create energy, and speeds up and sustains the process longer.* In addition to ingredients that facilitate energy production, there are also ingredients to maintain normal electrolyte balances, support cardiovascular systems, build muscles and support recovery – a comprehensive solution all in one product.*

The Power of AdvoCare Muscle Fuel
Since its launch in October 2004, AdvoCare Muscle Fuel has proven to be the most unique pre-workout supplement on the market. It’s patented formula provides the right nutrients to energize your muscles and maximize your workouts.* Countless professional athletes such as football star Drew Brees and pro golfer Brett Quigley all use Muscle Fuel to gain the edge on the field.